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International shipping cost sometimes been calculated based on volume of cube feet not actual weight. For example, if the actual weight of an item is 1 kg, the volume weight after conversion will be 3 kg. To save shipping cost, you shall consider to purchase other items as long as the total actual weight is less than 3 kg & it wont increase volume weight.


The color of picture would be incompletely similar with the real commodity due to the light of photography scene, equipment and the hypothesis of computer.

We'll try to remain the original color of the commodity as possible as we can. Please understand this condition before order.


Simple Carrier Show Bag
Simple Carrier Show Bag
Blythe/Pullip/Yosd Carrier Bag
Blythe/Pullip/Yosd Carrier Bag
Doll Carrying Bag/Case
Doll Carrying Bag/Case


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