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Parts included:

Upper stand
Main shaft
Fastening screw for the main shaft
Wing nuts for the main shaft
extension shaft
Acrylic base

How to assemble:

Fasten the wing nuts onto the main shaft until it is at the bottom of the shaft (please watch the orientation of the screw).

Place the fastened main shaft on to the acrylic base and secure the shaft on the base (please make sure that the main shaft is not protruding from the bottom of the base to avoid instability).

Take note of the orientation of the tiny opening on the back of the main shaft. When the main shaft is being fastened to the base, make sure the opening is facing the front of the base before tightening the wing nuts downwards (please take note of the depth of the main shaft in the base; the main shaft should be level with the bottom of the base). This is to ensure that the upper stand can be fixed to face the front.

When the upper stand is mounted on the main shaft, align the groove at the back of the stand with the opening on the main shaft and fasten the stand to the main shaft. Please make sure the stand is secured tightly on the shaft to prevent the doll from spinning and the stand from lowering due to the weight of the doll.

If the stand will be used to keep the door standing for an extended period of time, you may tighten the screw with a slotted tip screwdriver.


The right angle portion on the upper part of the straddle stand should face the front.

If the straddle stand is used to stand a male doll, please make sure the opening of the upper stand is folded inwards to secure the doll and prevent it from shaking.

The saddle stand is designed to display dolls. The stand may still fall if it is not properly assembled, placed on uneven surfaces or exposed to strong outdoor wind. Please be mindful of the surroundings while using the product.

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