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The instruction below will help


The instruction below will help people who try to sew the hair for their dolls. You can adjust the steps based on your personally habits.


 How to take off the original scalp 



Use a utility knife along the joint of scalp and head to cut them apart. When cutting the front, be sure not to hurt the dollís face. There are three tendons on the edge of scalp. One is wider in the front, and two are on the back sides.


When cutting the scalp, remember to exert cutting off the tendons and leave them in the head, or do as step 5 - cut the tendons off after tearing apart the scalp. (Sometimes you donít need to cut the tendons to take off the scalp, but sometimes you have to, because the origin glued on the tendons and it made it difficult to take the scalp off.)



Along the joint of scalp and head, use iron ruler or screwdriver to assist to pull open the scalp.

Attention: Do not press the head to unclench the scalp, in case causing dollís head broken.



Unclench the scalp just like unclench the coconut. Do not pull the hair to pull off the scalp, in case of damage on scalp. Attention: If you do not completely cut the scalp apart, you may pull off the plastics inside the head as well. If you canít pull off the scalp well, cut if one more times and then pull again.



Cut off the outer edge which is used to insert to the head. This step is for easily sticking the scalp back. However, it will cause a chink between scalp and head. It doesnít matter.



Cut the original hair off completely.


Reverse the scalp and use a pincher to remove and uproot the rest of hair.



Thereís a layer of lacquer on original scalp. If the lacquer color doesnít fit the color of the hair which youíre going to sew, you can use Acrylic remover to wipe it off.




Wipe both inside and outside. Then rinse by water for final cleaning.





Sewing from down to top.(i.e. from edge to top of scalp) You can choose to cut the weft hair and sew it on the scalp layer by layer, or not to cut the hair but sew it in spiral way. ( thereís no special request on sewing method, as long as you can combine the weft hair with scalp.)


The distance between hair layers maintains around 1cm. Each stitch also maintains 1cm distance from others.( Depending on personal preference, if you prefer thick hair, you can shorten the distance to make hair layers closer.)



When sewing the top, please shorten the distance between layers in order to increase the hair volume, and avoid looking bald.


  how to make the top of head 



(1)Take a length of 10~15cm weft hair, bind it to a bunch, and fix it by thread.


(2)Pierce a 0.5cm diameter hole right in the middle of the scalp. (scalp is flexible, do not need a big hole)



(3)Insert the bunch of weft hair in the hole and apply the glue inside the scalp to fix the hair.


  how to make the bangs 



Separate from the middle, using the elastic band to pinion weft Iron the hair through a layer of cloth in low temperature. Every time takes 2~3 minutes to iron. Total around 5-6 times. Do not take off the elastic band until the next day. If the hair is still not natural, repeat the steps above.




 how to fix the scalp on the head 


apply glue along the inside edge of scalp, pay attention to the front-back directions, put the scalp on the head, and tie the scalp and head with elastic band. Then wait for the glue dry.




If the thickness of weft hair is too thick to stuff, you can use a pincher to assist.

Do not use a hair dryer. It will damage the weft hair.

Do not directly iron the weft hair. It will cause damage.





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