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☆ Easy to using new chips

Eye chip installation and troubleshooting

The following is an introduction to the new eye chips
which is not necessarily applicable to chips of other brands.


Basic information before use:

The new eye chips are made from acrylic, whose properties are different from those of polycarbonate plastic (PC) as provided by the original manufacturer and other materials such as PP, PS, etc. For example, acrylic has a slightly lower density but a higher brightness than other materials.

In addition, pores on the chips will open completely (to absorb pigments) during a second medium / high temperature (75-90 ºC) color setting treatment and acquire a lower contraction toughness when quickly chilled, wherein the time for the color setting treatment varies with pigment properties.

Therefore, there is a risk that ice cracks may form on the chip surface or the chip color may turn pale if the chips are in contact with a corrosive solvent.

If it is necessary to wipe the chips with a solvent, tests must be done beforehand. Thank you.



To make the eyes livelier, the new chips not only use a different material and pattern, but are also enhanced in height. The highly convex design increases the light-condensing property of the chips, gives the eyes a more animated expression, provides a greater variety of chips, and makes the chips have more versatile combinations.

While designing the new chips, it was found that, in some cases, the four cavities in an eye socket from the original manufacturer had such problems as having different depths and an uneven horizontal plane. More frequently, the two lateral cavities were shallower than the front one (allowing for positive and negative errors). Since it is more difficult to install a chip into the lateral cavities than into the front cavity, the following description must be read carefully to effectively prevent the chips from getting stuck.


Remove the old eye chip from the eye socket. Place a new chip steadily into the cavity and press downwards on the chip until a click is heard or until the rim of the chip enters the cavity completely.

To install a chip into a lateral cavity, remove the old laser paper from the eye socket and then put a new laser paper into the cavity. It is important that the laser paper be pressed completely flat in the cavity. Then place the chip steadily into the cavity and press downwards on the chip until a click is heard or until the rim of the chip enters the cavity completely.



Troubleshooting outlines and descriptions

The laser paper is not placed flat enough.


Do not install a chip slantingly, or the chip may be easily stuck because of the slanting angle. And when a chip is accidentally stuck, do not pull it out forcibly, or else the chip may be stuck even further or other internal parts may be broken as you pull.

Check the chipís edges for residual material. (A chip may not be properly or evenly installed because of a raised spot formed by residual material.)

Remove residual adhesive from the eye socket.


If a cavity is too shallow, remove the sticker on the back of the laser paper.

To change chip colors, switch sides, or change the chipsí locations or styles


Before Use

In order to improve brightness and transparency, the new eye chips are made from a high-temperature acrylic. So never wipe the chips with a corrosive or nitro solvent, or else the chip color may turn pale, the chip surface may become frosted or ice cracks may form on the chip surface. If a corrosive or nitro solvent must be used, testing before use is advised.



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