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Multiple-Angle Wrist Joint Replacement Parts

Made of Abrasion resistant materials.

To facilitate the replacement of hand type, the hand part (to put into hand hole) has been modified to front narrow type, and it helps to replace easily and quickly.

Suit for DDS, DD3 and Dy3 body. (need to trim the part prior to use on DD2 & Dy. Please refer to the figures)

Before Order:

◎ The original two sides of internal mortises have tolerance, so after replacing with our replacement parts, the tightness may be slightly different. No influence on normal use after testing. You can also modify by yourself if needed. Please be aware of it before purchase.

◎ If it's too tight when inserting the replacement parts, please lubricate it with Natural Plastic Gear Oil / Vaseline. Or you can trim the stick thinner with sandpaper. Please be careful to avoid over-trimming. It may cause too loose to joint.

◎ About surface treatment, considering the whole matte surface easily gets dirt, our products thus are designed to semi-matte surface. If you prefer matte surface, you can use the Magic Clean Erasers to rub it lusterless. You can also use Magic Clean Erasers to clean it when it becomes dirty.

◎ After long-term using, part joint may become loose. This is normal.

◎ The color is close to Volks original color, but not entirely the same. Please acknowledge this fact prior to the purchase.

◎ Please be aware that a small degree of variance in color may exist in each production. Please acknowledge this fact prior to the purchase.

◎ The part can be placed no matter left or right.

◎ 2 parts per set.

For DD2 / Dy Use

Please refer to the marked shear line on stick. Its suggested to trim the stick for several times but do not trim over the shear line. Fitting the internal mortise depth and trimming stick may be required and repeated several times until the part stick can be entirely inserted to forearm.

Special Offer ( USD ) : $ 12.90
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Producing Area : Made In Taiwan Brand : CoolCat
Color : Normal Skin Unit Costs / USD : 12.9

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