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Method ( 1)

How To Use the fix sticker

Prevent the wig from bouncing
Propose using the fix wigs sticker
Because the head with out hairs is very slippery

Method ( 2)

The usefulness of the following instruction may vary depending on the habits of the instructor. All the instructions you can find here are meant to be introductory guides for people who wish to learn about dolls and are not to be taken as the absolute standard.

Good use of auxiliary items can help you to speed up the processes of exchanging the eyes and wigs of the dolls and make these tasks easier


You can take a tiny amount of the clay and place it onto the dollís head. Flatten the clay and put the wig on the doll (use your fingers to keep the front portion of the wig in place and pull the rest to the back from the front).


If the cleaning of the clay residue on the hairnet of the wig bothers you, you can place a piece of anti-slip pad over the clay (cut out the size you need) so the wig will stay in place.



When the temperature is high enough, the clay will turn into a semi-melted state. Simply rub the semi-melted clay into a lump with your hands and use it to remove the residue.



Of course, you may place a tiny amount of the clay onto the dollís hands so it will be able to carry things


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